We’re living in this era that you can find or sell almost everything on the internet from anywhere in the world. An era where you can also sell your WordPress products to anyone from any country or region in the entire world. In this article we will tell you why you need to have RTL support for your WordPress products.

Some time ago, if you wanted to sell a product, physical or virtual, the scale of your potential sales would not be really wide. But thanks to the modern technology and also creative thinkers who create and develop universal start-ups like ThemeForest, this scale is growing bigger and bigger. Now, if you have made a WordPress theme or plugin, your potential customers would not include people in your region, country, or even the continent. Every single person who has access to the internet and is in need of what your product has to offer, can someday become a customer and purchase your product.

As you may already know, more than 500 million people around the world, speak and write in RTL languages. A huge population that, according to what we’ve said so far, can someday be a customer of your product.

RTL support for WordPress themes and plugins

The reason why you need to have RTL support for your WordPress theme or plugin is that, if your product supports RTL, it will be more likely to be considered and purchased by those people speaking RTL languages. Imagine such a customer looking for a corporate WordPress theme for their company. He finds your product, checks it out, and starts to like it. But they also notice that your WordPress theme does NOT support RTL. What do you think they would do? That’s right! They look for another theme. Are you asking why? Because if they buy your product, it’s not over for them. Now they have to look for a web developer who can add RTL support to the WordPress theme they just bought. That’s what they call extra cost!

But Imagine your product has that feature already! They read your product’s description, and find out that this WordPress theme which has caught their attention, supports RTL! They don’t hesitate to buy it, with no extra cost!

When you care more about increasing the sales potential of your product and expanding its sales scale, the number of your potential customers will surely increase. And guess what! We are here to do the exact thing for you!

Dr. RTL is ready, and happy, to add RTL support for WordPress themes and plugins that you have created. Not sure how the RTL version of your product would look like? No problem! Please have a look at this LTR & RTL comparison of few sample products we have prepared for you.

You can also view our portfolio to see the quality of our services.

Don’t waste any time and let us make it happen for you!

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