Necessary plugins you need for your WordPress website

Necessary plugins for WordPress website

It doesn’t matter what kind of website you are running as a webmaster, either it’s a personal website, corporate, portfolio, E-commerce, or blog. As long as you’re running a WordPress website, you’re going to need these 5 essential plugins for your WordPress website.

In this article we’re going to introduce to you, 5 very important, yet easy to learn WordPress plugins which you can use to improve your website.

Essential WordPress plugins for your website

1- Contact Form 7

Let’s start with the obvious. Whatever your website is, you will need to be in touch with your audience, and that includes allowing them to send messages via forms in your website. This plugin lets you easily and effortlessly add simplest contact forms to your website. There are also more detailed and professional features which you can use to enhance your forms. But if you’re intending to use a simple form in your website, this is the fastest way to go.

2- All In One WP Security & Firewall

Every website needs protection from malware and attackers. This plugin gives you very thorough yet easy-to-config security features which allow you to improve the security of your website. There are lots of options like enabling Captcha for forms and inputs, changing the name or URL of WP login page, enabling firewall, blacklists, and simply many other options. There’s also a guide / tip for every feature, so you won’t need to worry if you’re not familiar with them.

3- Yoast SEO

One of the loveliest and most useful plugins you will ever come to know. This plugin gives you a very helpful and complete panel when adding / editing posts or pages in your website, letting you know what exactly need to be done in order to make your content more SEO friendly. More and more WordPress websites are using this awesome plugin these days. If you like to be “seen” more than before on search engines, we recommend using Yoast SEO which is, without a doubt, one of the greatest WordPress plugins so far.

4- WP Rocket

As the name suggests, this plugin will make your WordPress website like a rocket! Performance is a key in users’ experience these days. Your website visitors are less likely to come back to your website, if they find it very slow and time-consuming to load, even if your content is superb. WP Rocket helps you improve the speed of your website and decrease its loading time by minifying and combining CSS, JS, and HTML files. It also has other handy features like content caching, CDN integration, image optimization tool (as a side feature) which enhance the performance of your website.

5- Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress by MonsterInsights

If you are a more advanced website owner, you will definitely care about your website’s statistics and number of visitors you get per day for each page or post. This WordPress plugin gives you a very advanced tool which tracks these statistics and shows them to you as detailed information in different categories, based on countries, devices and content. If you want to get better rankings for your content, we recommend using this great plugin.

All these WordPress plugins are free to use. So, don’t hesitate to download and install them on your website.

Remember that, merely launching a website will never guarantee your success. You need to be safe, advanced, in touch, and fast! That’s exactly what these plugins have to offer.

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