A little insight into the concept of RTL

What it is, and what it is not

You might have heard of this false belief that ``RTL support for WordPress is merely a change of direction in texts and float attribute of elements``.
We are here to tell you that this, is 100% wrong. Making a product, a WordPress theme for instance, support RTL, requires lots of effort, time, expertise, experience, and patience.
A professional client always cares about details. So should a professional designer!
RTL support for WordPress means considering and working on every single detail, even the smallest ones. You can never say that your product supports RTL languages if an element has a padding-left value on both LTR and RTL versions! Even if the direction of texts or the floats of elements differ!
A good product is one with a high quality, one that delivers the exact same thing that a user pays for. We are here to make it happen for you when it comes to RTL for WordPress. Stay with us.

Our topnotch services for your best products

Confidence has never been something that we lacked. We claim to be one of the best (if not THE best) RTL service providers for WordPress themes and plugins, and also other CMSs and platforms.
We are here for you, ready to make your awesome products even more awesome!

RTL Styles

We provide a full and thorough RTL support for your WordPress product, allowing full compatibility with RTL installation of WordPress


We ensure full responsivity of RTL version of your product comparing to and based on the original version of the product for all devices

RTL Demo

We also provide a full RTL demo of your product in Arabic language, on your demand, and with a small additional fee

Style Correction

Not satisfied with RTL support you provided for your product or that you received from other teams? We are here for you!

Read a few lines about us

Know who you work with

Passion and enthusiasm is all a perfect service requires

We are a team of web developers and designers who have been doing their job for almost 10 years and love what they do.
We consider ourselves WordPress-lunatics who love this CMS and enjoy working with it as both a developer and a user.
Throughout all these years, we have managed to launch numerous WordPress websites for our customers and work with a lot of WordPress themes and plugins. Hopefully, all this, has given us an excellent knowledge of WordPress, its capabilities, and everything about it, its themes & plugins.
With this enormous experience we have, we assure you of a perfect RTL support for your WordPress products.

Founder of Dr. RTL

(Serious) Sam 😠

Co-Founder of Dr. RTL
Web Designer & Developer
Co-Founder of Dr. RTL

Mike (Tyson) 🥊

Co-Founder of Dr. RTL
Web Designer & Developer

A handful of our works

We have done many RTL projects in various categories so far. Few of them are shown right below. In case you want to check all our portfolio in different categories, please click on the following button.

Our pricing

We base our pricing on 2 different factors, first one being the CMS or platform of your product. Then we consider the category of your product, being corporate, portfolio, directory etc. Please have a look at our pricing tables to get a more clearer idea of how this works.

CategoryPrice per productCategoryPrice per product
Blog$69Real Estate$119
All prices are in USD.
For WordPress themes including multiple demos, the RTL service includes up to 3 separate demos. For each additional demo, 10 dollars will be added to the original price.
Please note that, by demo, we mean a different installation that aims for a totally different field of work (like Agency, Hosting, Corporate, Gym, etc.) Simple homepage variations don't count as a separate demo.
CategoryPrice per productCategoryPrice per product
Blog$69Real Estate$119
Directory$129Coming Soon/UC$29
All prices are in USD.
For all HTML templates, the RTL service includes up to 10 HTML files. For each additional HTML file, 5 dollars will be added to the original price.
How each individual order is handled

Ordering process


Initial Payment

For most orders, the whole price will be received beforehand. We support payments through PayPal, Master Card and other popular platforms.


Enters Dr. RTL

With even the smallest details taken into consideration, Dr. RTL starts treating your products 😛 so that they will fully support RTL languages.


Review Changes

You will be given an online demo of your product featuring RTL support so that you can review what's been done and verify changes.



After your verification on changes, the remaining of the total cost (if there's any) will need to be paid. Eventually you will receive the RTL stylesheet file for your product.

Numbers speak the words

Caring about the customer, and the final product that you provide, is the key to a long-term success.

~ 10

Years of Experience


Projects Delivered

% 90+

Customer Satisfaction

Things you might think of, before submitting your order

FAQs regarding the process of ordering and its details

Feel free to ask more questions

You can contact us if you don't find the answer to your question. There are few tips we would like to point them out:

We do NOT charge you extra money to give you a live demo of your order.
All orders will have free support and updates for one year from the delivery date. For next years, the support fee will be only 50% of the initial charge.
A one-year support for each order, includes up to 3 updates.

How long does it usually take for an order to be finished?

It actually depends on the platform or the CMS of your product, its category, and number of pages or elements it’s using. But generally, each individual order takes around 5 to 10 days maximum to be completely finished.

What exactly does the RTL-making process include?

The RTL process, will include all parts of the Front-End, all theme-specific short-codes or elements that are used by the default page builder, all widgets that can be used in the footer or sidebar area, theme options panel, page / post / portfolio page settings, and everything that comes by default with your product.

The RTL process, will NOT include third-party plugins. Though they can also be taken into the process by small additional charge.

How do we pay for orders?

For orders equal to or less than 200$, the whole amount will need to be paid.
For orders higher than 200$, 50% of the total cost will be received beforehand. When the order is finished and you are satisfied with the result, the remaining 50% will need to be paid.

What do you need to start working on my product?

Apart from the initial payment, we need all of your product files, the exact same package that buyers will receive after purchasing your product.

This is to ensure that we can launch your product with its full content, which will help us provide more thorough RTL support for your WordPress theme or other products.

Read our latest posts

We post interesting articles regarding WordPress products and RTL support concept. Feel free to check our articles.

Interested in our RTL services?

Thank you for dropping by and visiting our website. If you are interested in our RTL services, please feel free to contact us and let us know what you need.